November 15th, 2016​

November 13th, 2016​

​The Mission of this Page
As I travel throughout this amazing world of ours I take random pictures of people, places or things. Sometimes I publish these on my social media sites with a great response. I have had requests for these images several times which prompted me to add this page to my site. I also tried to devise a way to communicate this with the subject of the photo. So if you received a note from me in some fashion or another, maybe a note card or a drop of a business card, this is where you can find your picture/s. They will be entered by date to make it easier to find. There is no obligation to buy but if you are interested you can email me at the contact page. If you don't see your picture give me a couple of days to update the page or send me a message from the contact page.

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​Tim Kocher