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ID# Eagle in Flight

Eagle in Flight

This picture has really captured the hearts of many people on my Riverview Photography Facebook page. I took this picture on December 20th 2015 and within the first week it reached over 100,000 views, 800 shares, 2500 likes, 200 comments, and it's still counting!

So here is the story

My wife and I were driving in northern New York state when I saw something very large in the top of a tree just off the road a couple of hundred yards. At first it was so big I thought it was a wild turkey. All of a sudden it turned it's head toward me and I could see it's magnificent white head. I yelled "eagle" and slammed on the brakes nearly scaring the life out of my wife. I grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens and started walking toward it all the time snapping pictures. As I got closer I was hoping he would leave his perch so I could get him in flight. Just as I took one more step he launched off his perch giving me this beautiful picture. This is a "once in a lifetime" picture for me. Not only to see an eagle in the wild but to be able to capture this shot in flight.