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(Shown in a black frame. Frame not included.)

To maintain the dimensions and full dramatic affect, this print is only available in 30"x40". Various papers can be used depending on your presentation. You can find these descriptions on the Order page. When ordering type in "Four Seasons" in the picture id# box and 30x40 for the size.​

Introducing the "Four Seasons of Boldt Castle" #2. Designed in "Portrait" format, this is a new four seasons compilation. 
For those unfamiliar with the area, Boldt Castle is located on Heart Island on the St. Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay, NY also known as the 1000 Islands. The love story behind the castle, albeit tragic, is a fairy tale unto itself. 
The original "Four Seasons" picture #1 has been my most popular photograph to date. It was released on facebook October 23, 2013 and received 38,032 views, 478 likes, and 474 shares! This latest compilation is comprised of 4 new panoramic photos using a new high resolution camera and camera lens as well as better processing programs, technology and techniques. It was designed to be printed out at 30" X 40" for a full dramatic affect. I hope you like it. 

​Four Seasons

of Boldt Castle



​Riverview Production/Tim Kocher